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IMHO The Best - (MSM) Prepare, Repair & Care eye drops, for people & animals.

IMHO The Best - (MSM) Prepare, Repair & Care eye drops, for people & animals.

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Costcuttersrus proudly present "IMHO The Best - Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops", the brand name for our extremely effective multi function, multi purpose eye drops that are safe, sterile, holistic and nontoxic.

There are many other eye drop products available that contain one or more of the ingredients in Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops but no others that we are aware of that contain the exact same ingredients to the exact same formula! However, Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops are also different in that they are a multi purpose, multi function eye drop that can help in 3 main ways;

1) Prepare.

Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops can be used to greatly improve the absorbtion and effectiveness of other eye drops.


The optical tissue covering the front of the eye that consists of the cornea, should act like a filter, allowing fluids to flow through it, supplying nutrition and cleaning out particles to the rest of the eye, keeping the eye clear so vision is good.

(For simplicity, let’s call this outer front cover of the eye a membrane.)

The problem is that age and use can cause this membrane and other eye tissues to become tough, in much the same way that soft leather toughens with age and wear. This has many negative results, such as making it much harder for things like nutrients and the contents of eye drops to actually enter the eye. As you will know, eye drops are used to treat numerous problems with the eye.

Let’s use an example of cataract treating eye drops. These eye drops have to penetrate the eye and reach the eye lens to reduce/remove the cataract material from the lens itself. When these eye drops are placed on the membrane covering the eye ball, if this membrane has toughened, it will reduce the passage of these eye drops into the eye to begin with and the toughened eye tissues within the eye itself will also impede the progress of the eye drops into the eye. This of course means that those cataract treating eye drops will be less effective than expected. The same of course is true of any eye drops for any issue.

The solution? A drop of Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops applied to the eye/s, at least 5 minutes before any other eye drops, will have the effect of softening the eye membrane and other eye tissues, making it much easier for other eye drops to enter the eye and thus making them more effective.

2) Repair.

The second negative result of an eye that has a membrane and other eye tissue that have toughened is that because this membrane and eye tissue are not as flexible as they once were, when the optic muscles attempt to focus they are stiffer and the membrane is more resistant to movement, which leads to blurred vision. So Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops  can be used on a regular basis to soften this membrane and eye tissue, leading to sharper vision.


Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops will not only soften eye tissue but can help in numerous other ways as well.

How? By stimulating the production of glutathione - which is the “master antioxidant” in the body and is critically important for eye health – you will reduce eye inflammation. But the other great news is that Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops can reduce eye floaters and decrease intra ocular eye pressure. WE KNOW – sound too good to be true, right? So here is how.

Floaters If you have them then you will hate them and would do anything to get rid of them. So the really good news is that when you apply Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops to the eye they are going to soften eye tissue, reduce eye inflammation AND remove toxicities from any part of the eye – especially the vitreous which is where these awful floaters live! Think of Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops as a sticky fly paper that attracts toxicities and helps flush those toxicities out of the body. 

But we must be clear on two things. First, we cannot guarantee that Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops will get rid of all of your floaters completely - but they will help to reduce them. Secondly Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops will NOT reduce floaters over night or in a few weeks, simply because of where these annoying floating things are – in the vitreous of the eye.

Eye pressure

Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops contain a form of sulphur that helps soften eye tissue so nutrients are better able to be absorbed and may also help equalize eye pressure.

Red Eye/Dry Eye

Reducing inflammation in the eye, detoxifying the eye and by allowing waste material to leave the eye, red eye and dry eye can be reduced.

3) Care

Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops have an antioxidant capability and will also detoxify the eye, keeping the eye healthy.

In addition, when the outer layer of the eye (membrane) and other eye tissues becomes toughened, waste fluids within the eye become trapped and cannot exit the eye. Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops will soften this membrane and other eye tissue, allowing waste fluids out of the eye.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. If you are thinking of using Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops to treat issues with your eyes, such as to reduce floaters, please remember that no eye drops can give an “over night fix”. Depending upon the problem you are treating it can take days, weeks or even months for results.  

USAGE NOTE With some people/pets it is normal to notice a bit of a sting in the first minute when applying the eye drops, This is a good thing because that opens up the eye circulation.. 

These eye drops are completely holistic and contain our own special formulation of: Steam Distilled Water, N-Acetyl-Carnosine and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

ALLERGY NOTE As long as you are not allergic to sulphur (found in eggs, broccoli and cauliflower for example) Prepare, Repair and Care eye drops are safe for you to use in your eyes.

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