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Nature can be very cruel . . . . . BUT you CAN do something about it . . .


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Welcome - wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! 

YOURS RHODA JONES" - received 15/12/18

"Hello, just a quick message to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and the eye drops are working very nicely, still on the first bottle ready to begin the second bottle early next year when I shall then order some more of this great stuff from you! Cheers! Michael" - received 14/12/2018

Costcuttersrus proudly present "Cataract Clear", the brand name of the best cataract treating eye drops available ANYWHERE!

Never heard of Costcuttersrus or Cataract Clear? Not surprising really as Costcuttersrus - the business -  and Cataract Clear - the brand name - are fairly new but growing very quickly. Costcuttersrus began by selling Cataract Clear only on ebay, but as demand has grown throughout the world we decided to create this website so people could buy Cataract Clear directly from Costcuttersrus at a lower price than they would pay using ebay with its fees. This does however mean we have lots and lots of brilliant feedback on ebay like the following examples that you can read by clicking here 
Positive feedback rating it really does work - used it on our cocker spaniel Charlie great price thank u Buyer: 
liz017o 828Purple star icon for Feedback score between 500 to 999)
Positive feedback rating Has improved dogs vision greaty.MANY THANKS Buyer: 
Positive feedback rating fantastic my dog millys eyesight has improoved by 80%thank you brian . Buyer: 
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Positive feedback rating Excellent product and service highly recommend 5 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟 Buyer: 
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If you wish, you can also read some of the reviews we have received directly  about Cataract Clear by clicking here or on the menu option "Customer Reviews" on the left where you will see reviews like  . . . 
" I am very very happy with my purchase of Cataract Clear. It has worked really well for my dog with hardly anything left visible in his eye. . . . . I have already recommended your product to people in a Facebook dog page. Thank you for a fantastic product. . . . . Many thanks, Toni and Alfie the happy Westie!" - United Kingdom, received 29/10/18
"I started using the drops yesterday and hope they will in time have an effect on my cataracts, but even if not I can already feel an improvement in the eyestrain I have been experiencing, Many thanks, Sheila" - United Kingdom. Received 14/11/2018
In addition to all of that positive feedback and those fabulous reviews we would just like to add that Costcuttersrus stand by what we say about Cataract Clear with a 100% product money back guarantee - no questions asked - for your complete peace of mind. (Please see terms and conditions here.)
Cataract Clear eye drops are used to reduce, remove and prevent cataracts in people and dogs and like many other similar products contains an active ingredient called N-Acetyl-Carnosine (abbreviated to N.A.C.) which has been PROVEN to work! However, Cataract Clear is different in that;
  1. Cataract Clear is available in two strengths. First, we have Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra. Second, we have Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX - the STRONGEST ANYWHERE! Most other N.A.C. based eye drop products contain just 1% of the active ingredient N.A.C. but as the names imply, Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra contains DOUBLE and Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX contains FOUR times as much of the active ingredient N.A.C.  
  2. Both versions of Cataract Clear come in 2 x 15 ml bottles (30ml total) while other similar products tend to come in 2 x 5ml bottles, so you literally get more for your money with Cataract Clear
  3. Cataract Clear contains no additives, thickeners, chemicals or preservatives that can not only impede the recovery time but can also cause problems, such as an allergic reaction in some people or dogs. In fact, we believe it is fair to say that Cataract Clear are probably the strongest and most "natural" cataract treating eye drops on the market. (See more below)
  4. As highlighted previously, Cataract Clear comes in two strengths containing TWO or FOUR times as much of the active ingredient N.A.C. than is found in many other cataract treating eye drops that contain this active ingredient. Yet despite that and based on quantity (ml) and price alone, you get much more for your money with Cataract Clear. 
  5. Cataract Clear has a built in "natural anti-biotic".  making itanti bacterial, anti viral & holistic which means that not only can Cataract Clear also help with treating eye infections but also that - unlike other products whose opened bottles have to be thrown away after a month or so due to bacterial build up, even though they may still contain plenty of eye drop solution - Cataract Clear has a much longer usage life when opened. 

      John, who bought Cataract Clear 4% XTRAMAX on 29th April 2018, kindly sent us this message on 27th July 2018 . . .

      ". . . my cocker spaniel Millys cataracts have reduced from 90% down to 25% so far and she has become a different dog getting back to her old self. thank you for your kind gift .yours truly JOHN HIBBERT" - United Kingdom. 

      See more feedback here

      So why should you choose Cataract Clear instead of a more well known product?

      Quality, product strength, the amount you get and the price are ALL important BUT at the end of the day, RESULTS matter. No matter what we say, the best way to find out if our Cataract Clear eye drops are as fabulous as we say they are is to TRY THEMWe are so confident you will be delighted with your purchase that we offer a FULL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED PRODUCT REFUND! Why not take a look at just some of the excellent customer reviews we have received here, such as this one from . . .

      Anita from Switzerland bought Cataract Clear on 14th May 2018 and this is the review she sent us on 28th July 2018 after using just one bottle of Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra.

      ". . .  I can see the leaves on the trees more clearly, now. Last year, I was at a Little park and it was all just dark, A few weeks ago, I was there again and could see a bench and a well. I have started the second bottle now."

      Which one should you choose – Cataract Clear 2% or 4%?

      Costcuttersrus always recommends customers use Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX cataract treating eye drops on their own or their pets cataracts because it is the strongest N.A.C. based cataract eye drop product available – ANYWHERE – and will provide positive results in the least time.

      Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra is recommended for anyone who is trying to prevent the development of cataracts in the first place, such as Hereditary cataracts in certain breeds of dog or for someone who wants to prevent cataracts from returning.   

      So apart from the active ingredient N.A.C. what else does Cataract Clear contain?

      The active ingredient - N.A.C. - needs to be in a "carrier" eye drop solution to deliver it to the eye. The solution must be able to eliminate the possibility of infection, so Cataract Clear eye drops also contain colloidal silver (free silver ions floating in a distilled water base). Colloidal silver is known to kill over 650 types of pathogens, is often referred to as “natures antibiotic” and facilitates a one year shelf life.  You can read more about Colloidal Silver here

      What eye conditions can Cataract Clear eye drops treat? 

      Cataract Clear is intended to reduce and remove cataracts in people AND pets but can also be used to prevent the onset of cataracts in the first place, such as for those who might be unfortunate enough to develop hereditary cataracts or cataracts due to diabetes in the future. It also acts as a very effective "eye tonic" and can serve as a good treatment for the following eye problems: 

      Retinal disease


      Computer vision syndrome

      Macular degeneration (AMD)

      Diabetes mellitus

      In addition, Cataract Clear has NO reported negative side-effects whatsoever; only beneficial ones! 

      If Cataract Clear is so good, why does it COST MUCH LESS yet contains DOUBLE or FOUR times the amount of the main active ingredient AND comes in bottles containing THREE TIMES as much solution as many others?

      Costcuttersrus suggest you compare Cataract Clear to other eye drop products that also use the proven active ingredient N.A.C. to treat cataracts if you have not already done so for your own reassurance and peace of mind. Costcuttersrus keep costs low by cutting our things like boxes or other packaging which all costs money. Costcuttersrus keep our overheads as low as possible in all areas while ensuring that the product itself is top quality as that is the most important thing in our humble opinion. 

      By keeping costs low, our fabulous products are made more available to more people to buy for use on themselves or their beloved pets. 

      Costcuttersrus appreciate that you want to buy the very best cataract treating eye drop product that you can find and that you will no doubt have questions about Cataract Clear before you make a decision to buy it or not, so we have listed the most commonly asked questions below with links to the answers. If you have a question that is not covered below then please feel free to contact us without obligation - we are always happy to be of help. 

      Would you mind please? 
      When you start to notice positive results using Cataract Clear - and YOU WILL - would you mind leaving feedback so that others who might be sceptical will realise how easy it is to improve their/their pets cataracts naturally and without the need for expensive eye surgery.

      How do Cataract Clear eye drops work?

      Is there any evidence that eye drops such as Cataract Clear can reduce/remove cataracts?

      What about proof that Cataract Clear actually works?

      How long does it take to reduce/remove Cataracts using Cataract Clear?

      How do I use Cataract Clear?

      Why are Costcuttersrus now manufacturing and selling Cataract Clear which is DOUBLE/FOUR times the strength of other similar products?

      Any there any reported problems from using Cataract Clear?

      Is Cataract Clear FREE to TRY?


      Cataract Clear is now selling worldwide and making a huge difference to the quality of life of many people and pets, something we at Costcuttersrus are extremely proud of. You can read some customer reviews here

      The proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating, so for your peace of mind we offer a full, no quibble product money back guarantee, the details of which can be seen here!

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