Any reported problems?

Cataract Clear is DOUBLE or QUADRUPLE the STRENGTH of similar products and a few people have reported that after a few days, their eyes may become a little sore or they notice a slight redness to the eyes of the pet they are treating. If this happens, we recommend you also use an “Artificial Tears” product at least 15 minutes before and after using Cataract Clear. (Artificial Tears are fairly inexpensive to buy and the huge amount of money you will be saving by using Cataract Clear instead of other similar, less effective products will more than make up for this additional purchase)  Occasionally, a slight sting can be felt when the eyes are tired or a little strained from long time use of a computer screen but this soon passes.

Otherwise, we are unaware of there being any problems using Cataract Clear. However, we strongly advise that you CHECK with your eye health professional to be absolutely certain BEFORE using Cataract Clear