How Costcuttersrus keep costs so very low.

Costcuttersrus keep product prices low WITHOUT sacrificing quality and purity - something we would NEVER DO - by cutting out unnecessary expenses, such as;

(1) Eliminating expensive and ultimately unnecessary packaging that end up in the bin. Sure, it looks nice but it costs money that customers indirectly pay for.

(2) By not having dedicated staff waiting - and being paid all day every day - to answer very occasional customer queries. It would be nice to have but not absolutely necessary in our experience as we are made aware of any e-mail contact once they are made which we always respond to quickly.

(3) By not having a very expensive Marketing budget - we prefer to rely on happy customers who keep coming back and who refer others.

(4) By having a policy of charging prices that are high enough to simply cover our running costs. (Making money is secondary to us. Yes, we know - hard to believe - but it is true, otherwise we could easily charge 2 or 3 times more than we do, given the fact that Cataract Clear eye drops are such an effective, top quality product. If we do accidentally make a profit, we will donate it to charities we currently support.) 

Because of these reasons, Costcuttersrus can still provide the very best quality products and service at surprisingly low prices.