About Our Fabulous Brands

The first brand is "Cataract Clear", a superb product that is loved worldwide. These incredibly popular & effective cataract treating eye drops utilise the ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine, (abbreviated to NAC) which is the ONLY ingredient that has been proven to work at treating cataracts in numerous scientific studies on people and animals.  Cataract Clear is a proven, very effective cataract treating eye drop solution for people and animals and was born from our own frustrations and disappointment some time ago with numerous existing, ineffective cataract treating eye drop solutions that we tried - to say nothing of their incredibly high prices! So we decided to do something about it and after extensive research, trials and testing we created Cataract Clear, a better, stronger and holistic cataract treating eye drop solution that is also MUCH CHEAPER than weaker, comparative products. But more than that, we ONLY use the very best ingredients. The active ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine we use in Cataract Clear is "Pharmaceutical Grade" with a purity level greater than 98%!!! It is the most expensive grade but it is the very best available, which is why we put it in Cataract Clear !!  

Cataract Clear is available in two strengths.  The first is called "Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra" which is twice as strong as most other similar cataract treating eye drops. The second is called "Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX" which is FOUR TIMES STRONGER, making it the STRONGEST AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! Cataract Clear is selling worldwide  - and for good reason as you can discover for yourself if you read our information, reviews and feedback such as this;

"This product (Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX) took about two weeks to help my 14 year Schnauzer regain his vision. It was heartbreaking to watch him go through losing his site and wondering what he might have been thinking when he was bumping into stuff and looking very defeated. With the return of his vision he is now back to his loving personality. I can’t believe this product isn’t a well known cure for cataract removal. What an awesome product!" Leslie Jones, USA, review left on 1st July 2019. (This review can be verified here) ** IMPORTANT NOTE. Such positive results after just 2 weeks is wonderful but results for many people and pets can take longer. 

The second brand is "IMHO - The Best" our range of ear and eye drops products.  We have our very powerful and popular IMHO The Best Ultimate Eye Drops and IMHO The Best Ultimate Ear Drops that combat infections caused by over 650 bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens - or bugs as we like to call them!!. In addition, we are proud to say we also have an amazing, multi purpose eye drops product called IMHO The Best Prepare, Repair and Care Eye Drops that can enhance the penetration and effectiveness of other eye drops, as well as sharpen vision. It is also an anti inflammatory and can reduce eye pressure, eye floaters, red eye & dry eye. It also helps to detox the eye and enable removal of waste products trapped in the eye.

All of our Cataract Clear and IMHO The Best  products are specially formulated so that they do not contain any nasty additives, chemicals or preservatives. Unlike many other similar products (be they pharmaceutical or not)  none of our products have any side effects, they will not cause an allergic reaction  and there is no need worry about using them on yourself or an animal while using other medications or supplements at the same time - PHEW what a relief!

Please take a good look at any of our products. We would encourage you to compare our products to other similar products because doing so highlights just how much better - and usually cheaper as well - our products are! There are a lot of questions with answers already for our Cataract Clear products that you can read after looking at the details of these products above. In addition, at Costcuttersrus, we are always happy to answer any other questions you may have, You can contact us here to do so. We also have a reviews page that you can look at if you wish here . At the top of the reviews page you will find links to the reviews/feedback we have had from customers of our Ebay and Amazon websites.