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Customer Reviews

Just a few reviews from some satisfied customers. 

 " I am very very happy with my purchase of Cataract Clear. It has worked really well for my dog with hardly anything left visible in his eye. . . . . I have already recommended your product to people in a Facebook dog page. Thank you for a fantastic product. . . . . Many thanks, Toni and Alfie the happy Westie!" - United Kingdom, received 29/10/18


"I would like to tell you that my cocker spaniel Millys cataracts have reduced from 90% down to 25% so far and she has become a different dog getting back to her old self. thank you for your kind gift .yours truly JOHN HIBBERT IE J THE PIPE." - United Kingdom

"All I can say is your Cataract Clear 4% is absolutely awesome and is working brilliantly. Dave Tonk". United States.

"I have only used Cataract Clear for a few days so it is too early to see results but my eyes actually feel better already. Jane Shard". United Kingdom

(*PLEASE NOTE - The following reveiw has been translated from Italian into English) 
"ALL PERFECT.  ilbaby3" - Italy

"Tried all the other expensive eye drops over the years but no success. But now, after 4 months using Cataract Clear, I can see my grandchildrens faces properly for the first time in 7 years - thank you thank you thank you . Maureen Tata" - Australia

"If I could hug you all at Costcuttersrus for the way you have changed my life with your product I would. Diane Fellows". - United Kingdom

"My dog is my best friend and it broke my heart to see him unable to run and have fun anymore, until we started him on Cataract Clear XTRAMAX. He still has some way to go but he can see well enough now to have fun again. Toby says thank you and I say thank you so very much. Anne Tassignon" - Belgium 

"I can see the leaves on the trees more clearly, now.
Last year, I was at a Little park and it was all just dark, A few weeks ago, I was there again and could see a bench and a well.
I have started the second bottle now.
Do you think I should try the 4x as strong Version? Anita" - Switzerland
(Note from Costcuttersrus. Anita is now using Cataract Clear 4% XTRAMAX)

"I admit I was dubious and suspicious. My vet told me nothing else works only very expensive surgery so I tried Ctaract Clear only because of the money back guarantee. I am so very, very pleased I did. My little Jack Russell has stopped bumping into the furntiure after just 4 weeks and I can see the cataracts getting thinner!! What else can I say except I recommend Cataract Clear completely. Joan T*****". United Kingdom 

"I am so happy! I try other drops but no good. Then get Cataract Clear 4% and in short time cataracts much better. So good I will buy again definitely! J.T." - Hong Kong

"After trying the most well known and expensive cataract eye drops called ********* and ******** (Names edited out by Costcuttersrus) I had some very minor improvement but not enough to justify the huge cost. I was about to give in when a friend of my sister suggested I use Cataract Clear 4% XTRAMAX because she had used it on her Labrador dog with great success, so I did and boy am I pleased I did. My eye sight is so much better in less than 3 months and so my life is so much better. I am now spreading the word to others to buy Cataract Clear 4% so they too can enjoy the massive benefits. Tony Watson". United States 

(*PLEASE NOTE - The following reveiw has been translated from German into English) 
"Getting eye drops to treat cataracts in Germany is impossible so I have tried different ones from India, Mexico, Great Britain and the USA. Those that have N-Acetyl-Carnosine were the only ones that helped a little but they did so very slowly and cost so much money. When I found Cataract Clear that has 4 times more strength for much less money I bought them and am so satisfied that I did. Now, I tell other people in Germany to buy only Cataract Clear 4% which is the best. Ernst Bachmann". Germany

"Cataract Clear is simpy the best. I endorse it completely because it has changed my life completely for the better. Samantha Simon". United Kingdom.

"I hoped for some improvement but never expected to get such wonderful results from an eye drop for cataracts that my Vet said does not work and is a con!! He has had to eat his words since I took my dog back for another eye examination just 6 weeks after buying Cataract Clear XTRAMAX. He was gobsmacked and I loved proving him wrong. Steve B*******". United Kingdom

"Has improved dogs vision greaty.MANY THANKS. Wayne Bishop", Stoke on trent. United Kingdom

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