How do Cataract Clear drops work?

Let’s look very briefly at the problem first - Cataracts.  

Over time, advanced glycation products form in the eyes. These semi-opaque particles cloud the lens of the eye. Glycation is defined as the combining of protein and/or fat molecules with sugar. Someone who is diabetic is therefore more prone to get cataracts. These protein/fat/sugar particles remain in the lens of the eye, as the body cannot dispose of them.  

This is where the Cataract Clear drops come into play. The active ingredient in the drops is called N-Acetyl-Carnosine. This particular form of carnosine is able to penetrate the porous lens of the eye and attach itself to the protein/fat/sugar particles known as cataracts and – in simple terms – creates a “new particle” in a form that the body can expel from the eye. These “new particles” then detach from the eye lens and leave the eye through its surface which are automatically removed from the eye by blinking and teardrops.