Holistic eye and ear drops for people and animals - no nasty chemicals, additives, preservatives or side effects!

How to open the bottles/check the tamper proof seal.

With the exception of the bottles containing ear drops, the bottles used by Costcuttersrus have a tamper evident cap. The cap itself is connected in 4 places to a collar that sits on the shoulder of the bottle. When you receive your order, you can look to see if the cap is still connected to the collar in all 4 places to check that it has not been tampered with since it was sealed in the delivery envelope and dispatched to you. If the cap is still connected in all 4 places then the bottle cap has not been tampered with in transit.

When you first open a bottle, IDEALLY, the 4 connections on the collar should all break away from the cap and once the cap has been unscrewed, the collar should remain seated on the shoulder of the bottle. HOWEVER - occasionally the collar does not separate from the cap completely. This DOES NOT MEAN the bottle cap is defective or that the cap has been tampered with before you opened it.