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How to open the bottles/check the tamper proof seal.

(How to open the bottle/s - see further down)

A few customers have been concerned that the tamper evident seal was already broken before they received the bottles.

The confusion has arisen because all bottles used by Costcuttersrus have two functions in that they act initially as a tamper evident cap but also as a child proof cap.

Upon initial inspection of the bottle caps, it might appear that the 4 tamper evident seals that connect the cap and the collar have been broken because the cap moves freely while the collar remains fixed to the neck of the bottle and is not connected to the cap – or so it seems!

You see, the cap consists of two parts. The first part is the "outside" - or "outer cap" - that you can see moving freely and that you grip to open the bottle. (On bottles that do not have a child proof function, this "outer cap" would be the ONLY part of the cap and would be connected to the collar beneath it). However, there is a secondary part of the cap, lets call it the "inner cap" which is hidden underneath this "outer cap". It is this hidden "inner cap" that forms the tamper evident AND child proof function. This means that the collar below the cap is NOT actually connected to the "outer" cap but is connected to the "inner cap" instead. So while the "outer" cap itself will move freely, even before the cap is opened for the first time, the actual collar below it remains fixed in place, as does the "inner" cap.

To open the bottle for the first - and each and every time thereafter - you need to push down on the cap at the same time as you twist it anticlockwise to open it. (This is the child proof element) The first time the bottle is opened, you will hear a "snap" which is the collar being broken away from the "inner" cap for the first time. This is the tamper evident function which demonstrates that the cap had not been tampered with before. Please see the picture below for more help.