Instructions to use Cataract Clear


Cataract Clear is an eye drop solution intended to reduce, remove and prevent eye cataracts and although it can help it is NOT specifically intended for any other eye related problem.

Do not use Cataract Clear on a person or pet that is using steroid eye drops as these drops would neutralize the effectiveness of Cataract Clear and not offer any benefit.

It is up to the user to ensure they are prepared to use Cataract Clear as suggested below and in the full knowledge that while positive results are anticipated they are not guaranteed as results can vary from person to person and pet to pet.

It is strongly advised that the person who intends to use Cataract Clear themselves or on a pet ENSURES they have taken appropriate professional medical advice first.

The manufacturers and sellers of Cataract Clear will not be held responsible or liable for any adverse reactions, implied or otherwise, attributed to the use of Cataract Clear.

Important Instructions for using Cataract Clear eyes drops.

Please keep any bottles of Cataract Clear sealed until required to be used, out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat or cold.

The bottle/s have an eye drop dispenser in the neck of the bottle.

In order to help to minimize any possible eye irritation you are advised to keep the bottle/s of Cataract Clear drops refrigerated so that there is a cooling effect upon the eyes when it is applied.

WARNING. To avoid contamination of the eye drops and the eye drop dispenser in the top of the bottle, do not touch the eye drop dispenser area of the bottle with anything and do not allow the eye drop dispenser to come into contact with the eyes, eyelids, eyelashes or any part of the face when placing eye drops into the eyes.

Ensure the bottle cap is replaced firmly in between application of the product.

Do not use if the solution becomes cloudy or changes colour.

Keep the product away from animals and children.

If you or a pet experience any problems with the eye/s being treated then please refer to the section headedImportant. Please notebelow)

How often should you apply Cataract Clear drops?

  1. Ideally, place one drop of Cataract Clear in each eye to be treated at roughly 3 hourly intervals up to 4 times per day unless advised otherwise. (Please read the section headed Important. Please notebelow)

NOTE. After placing a drop of Cataract Clear in the eye, a slight stinging of the eye may occur on the odd occasion due to the eye being very dry or due to the sudden change of the pH of the eye but this should not last more than a few seconds.

  1. After placing a drop in the eye, DO NOT rub the eye or shut the eyelids tightly. Do not apply any form of drops or liquid to the eye, ideally for at least 30 minutes.    
How to apply Cataract Clear eye drops
  1. a) Remove the cap and then turn the bottle upside down.
  2. b) Raise the bottle above the eye so that the dropper (the hole in the bottle) is at the top of the eye ball but not touching. Then give a very gentle and brief squeeze of the bottle.
  3. c) Repeat instruction b) if treating another eye.
  4. d) Once all eyes have been treated, replace the cap firmly and store in a cool, dry place.

* IMPORTANT NOTE. Do not squeeze the bottle too hard or you will get more eye drops in the eye than is necessary. This can cause the eye to sting a little as the natural eye lubricants will have been washed out of the eye which can take several seconds for the eye to replace. 

 Important. Please note.

  1. If the eyes are tired through lack of sleep, strained due to excessive use of a computer screen or for a similar reason, dry due to wind blow or tiredness or uncomfortable in any way for whatever reason BEFORE Cataract Clear is applied then the eyes can sting for a minute or two after application. This is perfectly normal and should stop within a few minutes. If not, ensure the eyes to be treated are left to rest and recover before applying Cataract Clear again.
  2. There is a slight possibility that after a few days of using what is a DOUBLE STRENGTH (Cataract Clear NAC Ultra) or QUADRUPLE strength (Cataract Clear NAC XTRAMAX) solution that the eyes may become sore. (SPECIAL CONSIDERATION. If you are using the drops on a pet it is of course vitally important that you keep checking its eyes for any signs of soreness such as redness or watch to see if the pet is rubbing at its eyes or appears to be in discomfort.)

In the event that the eyes of a person or a pet do become sore (or you simply suspect the eyes of a pet might be sore but are not certain we would suggest it is best to err on the side of caution) it is recommended that a reduction in the number of times a day that the drops are taken is made to say, once per day (as opposed to once every three hours). If the eyes are still sore, reduce the frequency of application further, to something like once every other day. Subsequently;

  1. If the eyes recover within 72 hours, it is suggested that when the use of Cataract Clear is restarted that after each application you wait for 30 minutes to give the product time to penetrate the eye properly and that you then use an eye product such as Artificial Tears to help ensure the eyes are refreshed and fully moistened.
  2. If the eyes DO NOT fully recover within 72 hours or begin to worsen, it is suggested that you discontinue use of the product immediately and consult a Doctor/Vet. Remember, it is always best to be safe than sorry.
  3. If you experience eye pain or any other eye problems that could be attributed to the use of Cataract Clear  then discontinue use immediately.

HINT. If you are using Cataract Clear on a pet that might be at liberty to get dust or other minor particles in their eyes, such as a dog that has been on a walk and at liberty to sniff and rummage OR a person that might work in a dirty atmosphere or be subject to getting dust or irritants in their eyes for some other reason, it might be a good idea to use something such as Artificial Tears or a Saline Solution to effectively wash and flush the pets/persons eyes a few minutes before applying Cataract Clear.