The best cataract treating eye drops available anywhere! At the lowest price!!

Money back guarantee

If you want to try Cataract Clear Ultra or XTRAMAX you will receive TWO MASSIVE 15ml bottles per order – NOT two tiny and very expensive 5ml bottles of a similar, WEAKER STRENGTH and more EXPENSIVE product.  

One 15ml bottle provides around 300 drops (depending upon how firmly the bottle is squeezed and how big or small each drop is) so if you are treating two eyes and you apply Cataract Clear Ultra or XTRAMAX to each eye 4 times per day – a total of 8 drops per day – one bottle will last for well over 30 days before the bottle is empty, which is plenty of time to satisfy yourself that Cataract Clear Ultra or XTRAMAX is working. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the SECOND BOTTLE ONLY, with it's sealed cap in place and in a completely unopened and unused condition and we will reimburse you the cost of the product, no questions asked!  

IMPORTANT NOTE** Any shipping costs you pay when you place an order will NOT be reimbursed. Returns are at the expense of the buyer alone.  

We would ask you to return the second bottle either registered or signed for so we will be absolutely certain of it's return which will prevent any delay in you being reimbursed.