So apart from the active ingredient N.A.C. what else does Cataract Clear contain?

The active ingredient - N.A.C. - needs to be in a "carrier" eye drop solution to deliver it to the eye. So Cataract Clear eye drops also contain steam distilled water to "carry" the N.A.C to the eye. This solution must also be able to protect itself from bacterial, viral and fungal attack while it is being used and so it also contains our own specially formulated anti microbial ingredient, which is effectively a Colloidal Silver.(free silver ions floating in a distilled water base). Colloidal silver is known to kill over 650 types of pathogens, is often referred to as “natures antibiotic” and facilitates a one year shelf life.  You can read more about Colloidal Silver here

By following the instructions Cataract Clear should remain good to use until the 10ml bottle is empty, which can take up to 2 months or so.

Cataract Clear is completely holistic and contains no nasty additives or chemicals that can have an adverse effect on peoples/pets eyes or that can cause an allergic reaction.