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IMHO The Best - Ultimate Ear drops, for people & animals.

IMHO The Best - Ultimate Ear drops, for people & animals.

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Natural "antibiotic" ear drops

Both bacteria and viruses can be present in cases of ear infection and more often than not, a fungus can also be involved, as is commonly the case with what is sometimes called “swimmer's ear”. Clearly, conventional antibiotic drugs are inadequate treatments for such infections since they are completely ineffective against fungal and viral pathogens, and in many cases barely effective against many bacteria. The same is true of many ear infection treating products that do not use antibiotics in that they can tackle one but not all of these pathogens.

PLEASE NOTE - These ear drops will treat infections ONLY (Please see SPECIAL NOTE below). Other ear issues will NOT respond to treatment with these ear drops.

(SPECIAL NOTE - If you are looking at treating an ear yeast Infection (person or pet) it is incredibly difficult to do because yeast can be present in various areas on the inside and outside of the body at the same time. When yeast is in the ear, apart from putting drops in the ear, the entire inside of the ear (and the underside of a dogs ear flap if applicable) needs washing carefully, avoiding the ear drum, on a regular daily basis using an applicator, such as a cotton bud,  soaked in these ear drops. This means many bottles of this product may be needed initially and then on an on going basis because once yeast has been killed in the ear, that same ear can quickly be re-infected from yeast in or on another part of the body.)  

The very good news is that “Ultimate Ear drops” are effective against ALL of these pathogens.

These top quality, incredibly effective ear drops are a specially formulated, HOLISTIC, multi action solution that can tackle numerous bacterial, viral and fungal ear infections, with the added benefits being that they contain no chemical preservatives, no thickeners and no additives that can reduce their effectiveness or cause an allergic reaction. Because they are not a conventional pharmaceutical antibiotic, the bacteria will never become "immune" to them and they will not cause any side effects. 

Who can use them?

People, dogs, cats, horses and other mammals. 

 Any other uses?

Contains an antioxidant and general ear tonic that is soothing to the ear and promotes general ear health.

How long will they last?

They can be stored for 12 months and because they are an incredibly effective antibiotic they should remain good to use for 3 months once opened. 

About the bottle

The 10 ml bottle contains a pipette dropper applicator for ease of use and the cap is child resistant. 

How to use?

Simply place one drop in the affected ear at regular intervals throughout the day. If treating a yeast infection see SPECIAL NOTE above. 

Store in a cool dark place.

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