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IMHO The Best: Ultimate Oral Care

IMHO The Best: Ultimate Oral Care

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Natural Teeth and Gum Spray For people & animals.

IMHO The Best: Ultimate Oral Care come in 1 x 10 ml bottle. It is a top quality, incredibly effective, specially formulated, HOLISTIC & multi action teeth and gum spray that can tackle numerous bacterial, viral & fungal mouth infections at the same time! * It has the added benefit of containing NO chemical preservatives, no thickeners & no additives that can reduce their effectiveness or cause an allergic reaction. * Because it is holistic bacteria will never become "immune" to it & it will not cause any side effects. * Contains an antioxidant & general mouth tonic that promotes general oral health.

The solution is made up of our own specially formulated anti-microbial solution containing MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

How long will it last?

It can be stored for 12 months and because it is an incredibly effective antibiotic itshould remain good to use for 3 months once opened. 

About the bottle

The 10 ml bottle has a spray application for ease of use.

1. These drops WILL treat infections ONLY. Other oral issues will NOT respond to treatment with this spray. If the oral problem does not improve or actually gets worse after using this product, then the oral problem is NOT an infection and we advise that you seek medical advice.


2. It is highly likely your Vet/Doctor does not know or understand what this holistic oral spray is or how it works as they are used to using standard pharmaceutical drugs that are, in our opinion and experience, far less effective in the range of problems that they can treat.

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