Collection: If you or your pet have an ear or eye infection or you want to improve overall eye health then our "IMHO The Best" range of 3 unique, top quality, highly effective and holistic eye and ear drops are just what you are looking for!!

"IMHO The Best" is our unique, holistic, top quality, highly effective range of products consisting of -

"IMHO The Best Ultimate Eye Drops" and "IMHO The Best Ultimate Ear Drops" which are used to treat infections. These drops can kill over 650 pathogens, be they viral, bacterial or fungal, unlike conventional "antibiotics" that have a small range of bacteria they can kill with no ability to kill viral or fungal infections. 

"IMHO The Best Prepare, Repair and Care Eye Drops" are our incredible, multi purpose eye drops that function in 3 main ways;

1. Prepare – Use at least 5 minutes BEFORE other eye drops to enhance their eye penetration and effectiveness.

2. Repair  – Sharpen vision. Anti inflammatory, Reduce eye pressure/floaters/red eye/dry eye.

3. Care - Detox, antioxidant. Enable removal of trapped waste products.

Not sure? We also sell these products on with great success. Why not take a look at our ebay feedback here and then decide?

PLEASE NOTE* All of these eye and ear drops can also treat other issues. They can be dropped onto the skin to treat wounds, burns and infections such as ringworm. They have a soothing effect that repairs tissues and a healing effect on broken skin which helps to reduce scarring. The ear drops will kill ear mites in cats and dogs. They can treat mouth problems such as sore gums or mouth ulcers BUT THEY ARE NOT TO BE SWALLOWED WHERE POSSIBLE as they will destroy the beneficial bacteria in the stomach.  

All 3 products are completely safe to use on people and animals EXTERNALLY. 

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