About Us

Costcuttersrus is a small but fast growing business based in the United Kingdom. Costcuttersrus was born due to the frustration and anger of the owners of Costcuttersrus who were sick to death of paying huge amounts of money over the years on one health related product or another that was expensive and ineffective. The final straw came when, once again, they wasted a huge amount of money and time on eye drops that were supposed to reduce/remove cataracts in their beloved dogs. The price of these products was staggering but they spent the money of course as many other people who are desperate to treat cataracts in themselves or their pet will no doubt also have done. Yet the products they tried were useless! 

The end result of such expensive and disappointing experiences can often be that people will subsequently and heartbreakingly decide that they or their pet will simply have to live with the misery of cataracts which is a dreadful shame and that was something they wanted to try to address, They had already learned that just about all other eye drop cataract treating N-Acetyl-Carnosine based products contained just 1% of the active ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine, usually came in bottles of just 5ml of eye drop solution and were, in their opinion, extremely expensive! So they resolved to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

That is why Costcuttersrus now offer not only a DOUBLE STRENGTH cataract eye drop treatment solution called Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra that contains a total of 20ml of solution in two 10ml bottles, TWICE as MUCH as many other products and for a MUCH LOWER PRICE, but also have a new product called Cataract Clear  4% NAC XTRAMAX that is a massive QUADRUPLE STRENGTH cataract eye drop treatment in two 10ml bottles and yet it is STILL CHEAPER than many other similar products with less of the active ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine and half as much solution!!!

So how has Costcuttersrus managed to reduce the costs so much?  By getting rid of fancy packaging boxes and those incredibly well designed, colourful, eye catching bottles to start with. You might be surprised how much such fancy packaging costs!! But Costcuttersrus also took the decision to try to charge prices that covered costs without looking for a huge profit - a radical and extremely unusual approach of course. But customers can rest assured that while Costcuttersrus have saved money on items like packaging that will simply end up in the bin, the products are of the highest quality.