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Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra

Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra

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Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra is a very effective eye drop treatment specifically for the reduction, removal and prevention of cataracts in people and animals. It contains TWO TIMES as much of the active ingredient N-Acetyl Carnosine (NAC) when compared to most other cataract treating eye drops containing NAC as the active ingredient.  

Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra is recommended for anyone who is trying to prevent the development of cataracts in the first place, such as Hereditary cataracts in certain breeds of dog or for someone who wants to prevent cataracts from returning after having successfully removed them using our other fabulous but stronger cataract treating eye drops called Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX.  We also recommend Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra for people or pets who tend to have repetitive eye issues who might find Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX a little too strong to use. 

Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra comes in 10ml bottles which is DOUBLE  that of many other similar products so not only do you get a stronger product you also get much more eye drop solution. . 

Taking in to account the fact that Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra contains TWO TIMES the main active ingredient N.A.C. than is found in many other N.A.C. based cataract treating eye drops, comes in bigger bottles so you get more AND costs still costs 40% to 80% LESS than other similar products, you get much more for your money with Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra.

Finally and just as importantly, Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra contains no additives, thickeners, chemicals or preservatives that can not only impede the recovery time but can also cause problems, such as an allergic reaction in some people or dogs. In fact, we believe it is fair to say that Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra are one of the strongest and most "natural" cataract treating eye drops available

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