Collection: Looking for the strongest, best and proven cataract treating eye drops available? YOU HAVE FOUND THEM! "Cataract Clear" is the brand name of our superb, effective, proven, unique, holistic cataract treating eye drops for people and pets!

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Cataract Clear eye drops are proven to be extremely effective at reducing, removing and preventing cataracts in people and animals.

"Hi friends..
Just reporting in as I purchase another two bottles. I am making progress, slowly but surely, on my eye. My cataract is a trauma cataract apparently from an old sporting injury so I knew that this would be a slow process. However, I am clearly seeing improvement now so thanks for everything and I shall report in after the next two bottles.
Best wishes as always, Scott" received 28/4/19

"I'm using it on my 9-year-old dog. It's working." Teresa V****. received 26/01/19 - Italy (Translated from Italian using Google Translate)  See more reviews here

Like many other cataract treating eye drop products, Cataract Clear eye drops contain an active ingredient called N-Acetyl-Carnosine (abbreviated to N.A.C.) which has been PROVEN to work! However, that is where the similarity between Cataract Clear and other N.A.C. based cataract treating eye drop products ends because Cataract Clear is different in that;

  1. Cataract Clear is available in two strengths which are Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra and Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX the STRONGEST ANYWHERE! (See below to decide which one is most suitable for you) Most other N.A.C. based eye drop products contain just 1% of the active ingredient N.A.C. but as the names imply, Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra contains TWO times as much and Cataract Clear 4% NAC  XTRAMAX contains FOUR times as much of the active ingredient N.A.C. making them much, much more effective!
  2. Both versions of Cataract Clear come in 2 x 10 ml bottles (20ml total) while other similar products tend to come in 2 x 5ml bottles, so you literally get more for your money with Cataract Clear
  3. Cataract Clear contains no additives, thickeners, chemicals or preservatives that can impede the recovery time and also cause problems such as an allergic reaction in some people or animals. In fact, we believe it is fair to say that Cataract Clear are probably the strongest and most "natural" cataract treating eye drops on the market. (See more below)
  4. Cataract Clear has a built in "natural anti-biotic".  making it anti bacterial, anti viral & holistic which means that not only can Cataract Clear help with treating eye infections but also that - unlike other products whose opened bottles have to be thrown away after a short time due to bacterial build up, even though they may still contain plenty of eye drop solution - Cataract Clear has a much longer usage life when opened. 

So to sum up - Cataract Clear comes in two strengths containing TWO or FOUR times as much of the active ingredient N.A.C. than is found in many other cataract treating eye drops that contain this active ingredient, come in bigger bottles, yet cost 40% to 80% less than most other N.A.C. based cataract eye drop products!!!

"Hi, Have been using your eye drops on our 13 year old cocker spaniel with great results. She has now found new life thanks to your drops. Yours Rhoda Jones" received 15/12/18.  See more reviews here

Which one should you choose – Cataract Clear  2% or 4%?

Costcuttersrus always recommends customers use Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX cataract treating eye drops on their own or their pets cataracts because it is the strongest N.A.C. based cataract eye drop product available – ANYWHERE – and should provide results quicker.

Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra is recommended for anyone who is trying to prevent the development of cataracts in the first place, such as Hereditary cataracts in certain breeds of dog or for someone who wants to prevent cataracts from returning or for any person/animal that tends to have eye problems in general and might not be able to tolerate the higher strength eye drops.    

You can buy Cataract Clear 2% NAC Ultra here or Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX  here , at the bottom of this page or read through the questions and answers below if you wish first.

" I am very very happy with my purchase of Cataract Clear. It has worked really well for my dog with hardly anything left visible in his eye. . . . . I have already recommended your product to people in a Facebook dog page. Thank you for a fantastic product. . . . . Many thanks, Toni and Alfie the happy Westie!" - United Kingdom, received 29/10/18. See more reviews here

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So apart from the active ingredient N.A.C. what else does Cataract Clear contain?

So why should you choose Cataract Clear instead of a more well known product?

What eye conditions can Cataract Clear eye drops treat? 

How do Cataract Clear eye drops work?

Is there any evidence that eye drops such as Cataract Clear can reduce/remove cataracts?

What about proof that Cataract Clear actually works?

How long does it take to reduce/remove Cataracts using Cataract Clear?

How do I use Cataract Clear?

Why are Costcuttersrus now manufacturing and selling Cataract Clear which is DOUBLE/FOUR times the strength of other similar products?

Any there any reported problems from using Cataract Clear?

If Cataract Clear is so good, why does it COST MUCH LESS yet contains DOUBLE or FOUR times the amount of the main active ingredient AND comes in bottles containing TWICE as much solution as many others?